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Never in my life have I walked so slowly before. Not even when I sprained my ankle that many a times, or when I had that deep cut at mid-way on my right leg. But this… this is hardly bearable…

It’s not really the aches nor the pain. Nor the size of the tummy that’s making me waddle like a duck. Nor the swelling of the legs.

It’s… EVERYTHING added up, on top of one another. The loosening of the joints that’s causing the aches and pains because the legs aren’t able to support the weight of the tummy. And because of the tummy, I’ll have to walk with legs apart, and I think I look so funny. And with the weight of the baby + probably some water retention + walking or sitting a little bit too long = swelling of the legs and feet which I tried to lessen it during the nights.

Gosh… this is so draining… both physically and mentally…

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