Blog #0373

7.09am – Having a bit of diarrhoea. Is that one of the signs of labour? Not the main ones of course. Hmm…

7.27am – No, that’s not contractions. Just some slight pain at the side… but why do I get the feeling… Hmm…

8.08am – Another round of bombarding the toilet with little milkie wriggling extremely lots. Hmm…

8.50am – Do not nag at me early in the morning… I repeat. DO NOT nag at me EARLY in the MORNING. Tmd. Let’s get out of here.

8.55am – Peace at last.

9.29am – It’s still so much nicer to be back at parents’ place. Peace & quiet, with people knowing my “pattern” and not disrupting my mood early in the morning. Of course, I’ve got my lovely dad who cooks the instant noodle for me! *LOL* Better eat it before my mum wakes up.

9.45am – SOOOOOOOOOO SHIOK! Other than the stupid weather. By the way, how does contractions feel like? Hmm…

12.35pm – The weather is so hot… why do they want to bring them to the zoo? O.o?

1.36pm – Third time in toilet. Hmm…

2.24pm – Got issues at work again… but why?

2.58pm – Oh! I earned another USD$0.21!! *LOL* This is so funny…

4.13pm – Dumplings… *YUM* Finally I got to eat it!

7.33pm – Awake after taking a relatively long nap. SHIOK! It’s so good to be on leave! ^^

8.57pm – Time to go home!

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