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8.49am – Oh yes, I know. Of course I know. You are my lil’ hub, of course I know and expected that you won’t like your breakfast yesterday. That’s why I came out to prepare earlier this morning. ^^

10.22am – Received an SMS from work again. I wonder what happened this time… Seems like almost everyday, I’ll receive one SMS from them. Sigh… It sometimes really feel like I’m still working. Anyway, haven’t received any reply yet, so I’m going to start doing my own things for now. And yes, my little milkie is not out yet. Excited? Hmm… Like I mentioned, somewhat the excitement is gone. Maybe at the point where I feel the pain, then I’ll get excited. For now, I’ll just wait and get grounded at home.

10.32am – Sigh… need to do a conference call after lunch. Bleh. Sigh… whatever, let’s play D3 for a while. Anyway, I leveled up to 60 yesterday night! So little milkie, it’s time for you to come out? ^^

11.47am – Today, the weather is fine and cooling. But I don’t seem to have much mood to do anything… I guessed it must have been the SMS and calls that I received from work today. Sigh… It really is quite irritating to receive all these work-related calls… and everyday… relatives called and asked… “Has she given birth yet?” Gee… =.=”’

1.08pm – Hmm… Hmm… Hmm…

1.14pm – Go online at 1.30pm… I hope it’s not going to take too long of my time. Sucks. I think I explained quite a few times.

2.39pm – What is the problem…? Can’t you explain to him? =.=”’ This is like just throwing the arrows to me. And it’s not that difficult to explain, is it? I seriously wonder what you have been doing for the past month… I mean, if you know what the columns meant in the raw data, which you SHOULD, then all those tabs in front are just displaying the information. What is so difficult about it? UNLESS you are NOT using your brain at all…

3.29pm – There are just some people who are relatively quite idiotic… Told me 1 minute but I’d already waited for 10 minutes…

5.23pm – It definitely is nice to catch up with an old friend. Sigh… time really flies. I’ve known her for about 9 years. I feel so old!! And… I think I have slightly more contractions today… Ah, but never mind, I kept having false “alarm” for the past few times.

5.35pm – I missed wearing the nice nice clothes… and dressing myself up…

6.16pm – Boss called. No choice but to switch on my lappie again…

6.55pm – Damn it… Am I supposed to note down the contractions timing?

8.05pm – Bebe on his way here now!

8.11pm – Her movement seems extremely great now. Wait. How long had she been moving like that? Alas… why I kept forgetting to take note? O.O”’ When was the last contraction timing?? Oops…

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