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8.17am – Just received an SMS from my admin saying that the temp guy will be going in late to the office today. Sigh… Attitude showing? I seriously don’t really want to be racist and link these 2 totally diffrent issues up. But from my past experience with all those people working under me, this is the FIRST time I get someone of a different race and the FIRST time I find someone relatively irresponsbile, and either not turning up (for some reasons) or coming in late or looking extremely tired and couldn’t really concentrate at work. Maybe, I should have chose the other guy instead.

8.48am – I’m going to deliver anytime and yet the lil’ hub is still thinking of going for dinner with his friend and colleagues today and tomorrow. Sometimes, he can really made me damn moody…

11.38am – I think I’m going a little bit crazy if my dad is going to repeatedly continue to “force” my sister to buy a flat. Imagine every unit that he viewed, he said it’s good and cheap, and can buy =.=”’ I want to faint already.

11.55am – Sometimes I wonder, if it’s because of the age, or just purely personality. The recent stay in my parents’ house during the day had led me to see how the “oldies” (my parents and aunties) handle the kids. Alas… my dad especially, honestly, I couldn’t understand the things he did at times. Naggy? Well, he had been naggy since I knew things, but now it seems worse. BUT, to deliberately show my little nephew the food that we don’t want him to eat because he’s going to get diarrhoea. Hmm… not logical. And my Godmum, who already knew that her grandson sticks to her a lot recently, still somehow tells him that she’s going back home to do things and leaving him in my mum’s care everytime she tries to go back home. Eh, where’s the logic? If I’m the grandson, and I heard that my grandma is going home, would I want to stay if I wanted so much to stick to her? =.=”’ Alas… I really wonder if one day, I will become like that…

1.00pm – Just had my lunch and the mood hadn’t gone any better. Sold another item at the D3 auction though, for USD$1.25. Should I do farming on my own now? Or should I wait for the lil’ hub at night? Hmm… but the monsters are a little bit too scary. Maybe I shall wait and play with him tonight.

1.06pm – Contraction for about 1 minute.

1.44pm – Really can’t take my dad… DELIBERATELY went and opened the fridge, took some food and ate in front of the little one again =.=”’ And then DELIBERATELY asked where is his grandmother… =.=”’ DAD… please… for goodness sake. He’s playing and ain’t crying now…

1.59pm – Okay. I’m so bored until I can log into D3 and out, just to get some pathetic gold out from a box. Sigh… I think I should just go and take a short nap, and then wake up to start doing on whatever outstanding items that I have.

2.05pm – Contraction for about 1 minute.

2.29pm – Contraction for about 1 minute.

2.31pm – I refused to call you today even if you need help. You are on your own. I don’t want to be tied to work almost everyday.

3.25pm – Contraction for about 1 minute.

4.01pm – I thought it’s another stupid call from the insurance company or bank. But then it’s not. It’s a familiar call from my favourite Secondary School teacher! So nice to hear from him, and he’s definitely surprise and happy to know that I’m preggy. Well, that blur him forgotten to turn up for my wedding previously. Will definitely invite him for little milkie’s baby shower. Ah… now I’m awake… let’s see what I should do…

4.25pm – Contraction for about 1 minute.

4.35pm – I just did something stupid for the past 30 minutes – to repeated log into the game and out, to open the chest and collect that little bit of gold in D3. Guess how much I collected in 30 minutes? 10k worth of gold!

5.42pm – Contraction for about 1 minute. If it’s not constant, do I still have to take note? Hmm…

6.30pm – Contraction for about 1 minute. This tracking of contractions is so boring.

7.14pm – Contraction again. *Yawn*

8.13pm – Another contraction…

9.30pm – Contraction.

10.08pm – Contraction.

10.14pm – Diablo 3! *LOL*

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