Blog #0385

9.30am – Nice gloomy Thursday morning, with light drizzle. Good weather to stay home and sleep. But yet, I’m already awake. Oh yes, it’s another day with not much action from the night before. Tummy is getting bigger and I’ll have to really heave myself up everytime if I want to get up from bed, car or a seat. Then again, life is still good. And it’s definitely good to know that little milkie is still actively wriggling around inside me. Life should also be really good for her. Can’t wait to see her soon…

7.31pm – There isn’t any mood for anything at all today, and thus, never wrote anything down… Had been trying to do up the other website but somehow, it just isn’t the kind of outcome that I want. The lil’ hub will be back home slightly later today. Hmm…

7.56pm – Since… I think I’ll be here for another 1.5 hours… Let’s see if I can try and come up with something again… *Starts cracking my head*

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