Blog #0415

9.50am – Just had my breakfast with the admin. And soon going for my late pumping. The ladies from Dr Ching’s clinic called and said that my pap smear test is okay. Am adjusting to my new seat and tidying up my things. CIO leaving and the IT director is being promoted to VP. I received my one year certificate. Ooooh… so fast and it’s been a year!

10.54am – Did my first pumping and now finally back at seat. Mind still in a daze. Am hungry already. Sh*t. Probably a little too stress so now having slight headache. Must try and relax… Now, time to clear my 300+ emails.

11.02am – Bad fengshui for this seat. But how to change…? The best I can get is facing South, and there’s only one place for the seat here… Hmm… Would it be weird?

12.05pm – SEAT CHANGED! Was talking to my admin and she was complaining that ever since she shifted her seat to here, she’s been working like crazy. So I checked her fengshui and it was worse than mine! BUT the good thing is, if I were to interchange with her, it would be good for both of us! And so… that’s what we did. I’m now at my new seat. Suddenly I felt the air a little fresher.

1.46pm – Done with the second pump and my lunch. And the pump was done in a stupid handicap toilet. Why stupid? Because the auto sensor lights went off every 5 minutes, and thus I need to walk a bit before the lights came back again every 5 minutes. Dumb. Do they expect everyone to finish sh*tting withing 5 minutes? Anyway, let’s continue to clear the emails. 120+ more to go… GANBATTE!

2.33pm – 40 more emails to go. Shall take a break now and clean up my iPhone photos. Sigh… I miss little milkie so much…

3.45pm – Third pump done with 11 emails left. 15 minutes more to the weekly meeting. And after the meeting, it’ll be almost off work time! ^^

4.58pm – End of meeting and it’s almost 5pm. Will wait till I reach home before I pump out again. Hmm… Just now my boss told us that we will be reporting to the IT director in future. And knowing her standards, she warned us to be careful… Hmm… haven’t thought of that this morning when the announcement was made. Darn. Hope life would not be too difficult in the future.

5.31pm – Going off! Not intending to stay late on my first day back!

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