Blog #0431

6.48am – My baby seems to be my alarm clock these days. Waking up once in the middle of the night and another time early in the morning. Just nice for my pumping. Maybe, she “knows” that my milk is full! Tired, still a yes. Though am not on full expressed milk, am glad she’s drinking 3 out of 8 times a day, and am reaching 3 months soon! GANBATTE!

10.40am – Extremely hyper today! Did I eat the wrong pills? Hmm… *Cha cham bo…*

11.24am – Clearing up the shits…

2.15pm – I feel so auntie… Was running errands at the NTUC in NEX, carrying bags of things again. Seems like ever since I got married, this scenario seems so common and frequent. Anyway, am glad to see an ex-colleague. Been a while since I last saw him. Life’s so far so good. Going to start my second pump now!

5.29pm – WOW! It’s time to knock off! Gee…

10.11pm – Crap. Babies really got a short memory. Just 3 days without carrying her… AGAIN, she don’t want me anymore…

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