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9.16am – AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VIRUS ARE SPREADING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s see… Water, vitamins C, cereal, and lots of water… *PRAY HARD*

I can’t afford to be sick. It’s not just unable to get close to little milkie. It’s about fearing that it will spread to her! Damn, but indeed it is spreading. Imagine just now sitting on the bus, the one on my right coughed, then a while later the left one coughed. And what’s worse, the one in front coughed too! And they NEVER COVER THEIR MOUTH! And then when I’m in office, I realised my admin caught the virus most probably from that lady seated at the other side of the cubicle. AAAHHHHHH… I want to go crazy already.

And then now… I’m going to wear a mask… Wonder WHY am I the ONE wearing it instead of those who are sick…

10.49am – Time for the TRUTH!

12.50am – It feels like a waste of my time. After almost 2 hours of meeting, what do I get? Nothing, and probably a lot of “???” and yet it doesn’t seem appropriate for me to ask in such a meeting. Sigh… So now what? I’m being chopped into half? I thought I only promised to do the tools. But why am I still doing PMO? Hmmm… Let’s see if I get any details later on…

1.45pm – OMG. And I thought it’s only one PM that don’t like but little did I know that there’s another PM who had such a GREAT REACTION! And I do really admire the thinking process of a colleague, to be able to analyze the whole situation. But alas… feels like someone won’t be staying long either…

3.18pm – The admin is looking out for better opportunities already. Expected. Sigh… So demoralised.

5.42pm – Let’s finally go home. Calling a cab…

8.40pm – She’s finally asleep, after crying so loudly for almost 20 minutes, and sobbed her way to sleep. Sigh… You think I bear to just let her cry…? But I don’t have a choice, do I? The kids nowadays are damn smart. If you continue to just let them have their way, in future, they will know that this method works, and they will simply just continue to use it. Can dote, but not pamper. She can have her way at times, but not all the time. Goodnight little milkie, mummy loves you. *MUAK*

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