Blog #0453

8.30am – Good morning everyone! I’m on MC today. Not something serious. Just having a headache due to the lack of sleep as usual. And then of course, because the lil’ hub isn’t working today. And lastly, I need to breathe for a while. But… the problem lies here… I can’t sleep with all those things to be done in my head. Sigh…

8.44am – Should I go and see the doctor now? Hmm…

8.50am – Okay… am feeding little milkie instead.

9.46am – Finally going to see the doctor.

9.52am – Crap. Going to book air tickets for my MIL. She’s going to Hainan Island with my mum and all.

11.47am – Ah!!!!! Everyone is going Hainan Island except us!!!! WTH!

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