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4.46am – “Your movement make it a bit slower, not too jerky. Her head ‘doi’ here ‘doi’ there.” – That’s what I said to the lil’ hub but it was a tad too late. By then, her eyes were wide open, and she’s beginning to make the “er er” sound which simply means “hey, I don’t want you to carry me anymore”. That’s it…

8.55am – Darn. Took the same lift as the director. And she looked at her watch. Urgh. I better don’t go back too on time today. Sigh… SH*T.

9.17am – Headaches. Thanks to the lack of sleep again.

2.52pm – Why do I feel so busy today, when it’s a Friday? Let’s see… what have I done… Well, pumped twice already, in the handicap toilet. And it’s getting bad because the roof seems to be leaking. Of what liquid, I have totally no idea. So guessed what? Just now for the second pump, I was standing while pumping because when I was about the sit down, the water started dripping. But thankfully it started dripping BEFORE I sat down. Anyway, it’s still bad. And there’s nothing much I can do since that’s more or less the last usable handicap toilet in the whole of this stupid building. The meeting room’s occupied, FYI.

Then, I’ve got my first RC (Recreation Committee) meeting, which basically is just a introduction. Oh yes, again, I was being volunteered. You can’t possibly expect me to reject it when my Director volunteered me right? Sigh… talk about being democratic. Right…

What else… I bought the pork floss for the little one as Christmas prezzies. And then got the schedule planner fillings for 2013, as well as my yellow ribbon! I’m so going to make the crinkle toy! Maybe tonight?

Okay, meeting’s going to start now. BRB.

3.43pm – Meeting’s over! But time to rush out something. Sigh…

4.14pm – Somehow… suddenly… this thought came to my mind… my little milkie is not going to have any cousin(s)… Hmm…

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