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8.56am – In office again, with an aching shoulder and back. Must be due to the shoulder massage yesterday at the facial session. Freaking tired now. Why the hell did I stay up so late yesterday night for? =.=”’ Shall try and sleep earlier tonight. Shall try and achieve more things today. Shall try and clear the emails now! Shh… don’t disturb me. *LOL* Good morning!! Zao an!! Ohayou!! Bonjour!! Shall I take up Korean? *LOL* ^^

9.25am – Ooooh… Baby wakes up only now… Is she starting to skip the wee hours feed?

9.32am – Stupid outlook kept hanging… Urgh!

10.33am – Indeed… it is quite scary to suddenly hear a laughter just beside you… I’m glad… it’s not at night…

10.51am – As I read the news on yesterday’s incident regarding the strike that involved over a hundred Chinese bus drivers for SMRT, I couldn’t help but be amused by it. “See, ‘I’ told you so. Can’t you foresee this coming?” I believe that’s what a lot of people felt, those that truly belongs to here.

And then I remembered, didn’t I just recently written something on the foreigners? Ah… see… We won’t die. We will still survive. Just a little chaotic probably. This, could just be the start of many more to come…

It’s widely known that we are all “brain-washed” since young (at least definitely for my generation), thus most of us ain’t that outspoken. We tend to keep our thoughts to ourselves. We are so comfortable in the way we live such that most of us wouldn’t want to spend time and go on a strike. What’s the point? Furthermore, it’s not really that “legal” over here. We, are the obedient Singaporeans. Sounds a little sad, but that’s probably one of the ways to result in a slightly more peaceful economy. But now… I seriously wonder what’s going to happen next…

“Just go back to your own country, and put on a strike as much as you like. Please don’t come and disturb us.”

Can I say that? I wished. But not when we seems to be so dependent on them. *LOL* Well… what to do…? Let’s just hope our goverment can become smarter in the future.

3.08pm – AH!!!!!!!!!! I’m so busy! Hate it! Hate it! Hate it!

3.44pm – Just a blink, and half an hour had passed…

4.35pm – Indeed. She’s the careless kind…

4.41pm – It’s raining still. I have a feeling I’ll be taking a cab down to the MRT station instead. Ah. Let’s take an extremely short break to breathe… and look at little milkie’s photos… ^^

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