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She got so excited when she saw the book that I’m holding. Thowing away her teether and stretching out her little hands to try and reach it. It’s time for “The Three Little Pigs”. So I started to read to her, and she gazed happily at the colourful pictures, jumping every now and then in her walker. And then the amusing part came…

The big bad wolf was about to blow the first house down, and so I mimicked the wolf with a low tone voice, saying “Let me in…”. Immediately, she turned and looked at me, and then the next, burst into laughters! Oh my… does a 6 months old baby really knows how to listen to a story?

And then, I started to recall on those times where she’s still in my womb. Tumbling around, kicking and punching in it when I read the stories and sang the songs. Did she remember that? I wondered…

It’s a busy Sunday filled with tending to the baby and decorating the corridors for the up and coming Chinese New Year. I’ve got 2 more weeks to go. Let’s hope I can finish it.

For now, it’s time to take a break, accompany the lil’ hub who came over and rest for the rest of the day,… whatever time that’s left…

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