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8.00am – I overslept. Crap.

9.07am – Third day in a row… is my body too heaty? Bad… bad… bad…

9.47am – Okay, shall go back home for lunch since my dad is driving and the gym’s session during lunch had been cancelled due to 2 unforeseen circumstances – (1) colleague’s son was badly scalded by hot water (2) colleague’s got an painful aching back. And now, I’ll need to download Skype and pray that it works on my company network. Sigh… why closes MSN?? Sigh…

10.21am – Luckily the Skype works…

10.36am – Just received the full story from my colleague whose son got scalded. Basically what happen is… the kid (8 years old) was eating, and the maid busy chatting on the phone. So after the kid finished his lunch, he went over to wash his friends and then accidentally knocked onto the pot of hot barley on the stove, thus scalding himself. Colleague was extremely furious with the maid for being so careless because most likely the handle of the pot is outside of the stove, therefore allowing a chance for the kid to knock it. Secondly, my colleague had told her on numerous occasions to put the cooked barley water into the thermoflask. Thirdly, she’s on the phone. Not that it’s wrong, but she’s always on the phone and there’s even once, the maid (without getting permission) secretly uses my colleague’s handphone to call back home and clocked up to $200++.

How? To change or not to change the maid? A first degree burn. Permanent scar. She’s got 3 kids. The maid is somewhat rather careless. Still can trust her? Hmm…

I’m so glad my parents are willing to take care of little milkie…

2.59pm – Having slight headaches.

4.12pm – AH! I shouldn’t be still helping others when I’ve got something to rush! Damn it.

5.24pm – Sigh… why does people like to catch hold of others when it’s about to knock off? I’m sorry but I ain’t got the time to stay back today and tomorrow. I’ve got a class to go!

6.04pm – On my way to a class now. My life is blessed. To be blessed with such wonderful family and friends, such that at times like this, I still can do something that I like. ^^

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