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11.22am – Was looking through my credit card bill and wondered where did one item came from. So I went and did some investigation, and realised that the monthly premium belongs to my sister and not me. *FACEPALM* And I thought that it’s mine all along… since 2011… *another FACEPALM*

Luckily it’s not a lot of money… but maybe it’s because it’s not a lot of money and thus I never notice it at all… *facepalm* That’s me. *facepalm*


11.29am – A distant colleague is irritating the hell out of me. You know… WHEN THE PHONE DOESN’T WORK FOR SOME REASONS, then… STOP CONTINUING TO TRY AND USE THE PHONE TO CALL ME WHEN YOU CAN MESSAGE ME!!!!! And stop asking stupid questions, for goodness sake. OMG.

5.45pm – Let’s go home…

8.15pm – The temper of the kids nowadays seem bad. Or does it applies to only that few around me?

Dad carried milkie out to the corridor. Auntie saw them and told niece (in primary school) she’s going over to my mum’s place (next door) with nephew (about 3). Niece told auntie (her grandma) to wait, she’s going over too (she dare not stay alone in the house after reading Mr Midnight). Auntie said okay but she already opened the door. Nephew saw door opened and went running out without his shoes on. Auntie don’t have a choice and ran after him. Niece came out saw nobody in the house and became angry, cried and stood at the doorway and shout at auntie (who is her granny). After auntie (while carrying milkie by now), coaxed her for a while, she then decided to come in, grouchily. Dad then let them (niece, nephew and mum) played the “where’s the coin?” game, but niece kept snatching the money that the nephew won (deliberately bullied her younger brother). Nephew angry and kept shouting and yelling. Milkie got frightened and cried. I carried her away. Niece got scolded but still kept on bullying on and off. Then she wanted auntie to test her spelling but auntie refused because niece didn’t want to do it (she rather reads story books) when auntie is free. So then she started denying the fact that her granny did ask her and then started crying. Auntie brought nephew back without niece. Niece continued to cry and even rejected my tissue. -.-”’


What a Friday night…


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