Blog #0611

9.32am – Focus, focus, FOCUS! Why can’t I focus?!!! Good morning!

10.00am – HTC One or S4? Why are there so many people choosing S4? And yet my group of IT techy friends are the only peeps choosing the HTC One…

10.41am – Damn. Why do I kept having headaches recently…

12.34pm – Back from lunch but let’s take a 10 minutes break and flip through the book that I borrowed – Smart Organizing. I need that. And I think the company needs that too. I wonder why did they put up weird rules that makes everyone more troublesome. Sigh…

1.24pm – Let’s try and find some soothing song… from JKS!

1.41pm – Nice voice…

2.31pm – When the instructions are not clear… Urgh. Ah… headache headache. So many things to process.

2.51pm – The mood is made worse with all the nonsense received.

3.42pm – Another one bites the dust. Not unexpected so wasn’t surprise. If I’m him, I would have given up any kind of hopes too.

4.25pm – Wow. Cool. My colleague is really good at buying and selling phones. He’s got strategy too!

5.25pm – Okay, let’s pack up a little first.

23.01pm – Another busy day gone with nothing much achieved, other than confirming to fix a new air-con in the room. Damn.

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