Blur Pig Overslept

Zhu Zhu stayed in my house yesterday night because today I promised to go home with him in the morning. Yes, I did that and then I took a short nap on his sofa while he prepares to go for work. And then finally, I told him that I’ll continue to sleep a bit more but I ended up waking up at 9.30am! Quickly ran out of the house. Now I’m back in office. Felt a bit giddy… Must be the unknown pressure from the TOP. Hmm… I’d been slacking recently. Not a good thing. But I felt like getting sick soon… Would be so good if I can have a good rest…

I feel so tired… Managed to finish changing the SPs in SB… But then… there’s still lots of others… I think I should start listing down what had been done, and what had not.

Done… Tired…

Went to meet the JC friends for dinner. So funny, I came running out from the company then I saw a bus and I just went up. After it went up the expressway instead of going towards Harbourfront, then I realized that I took the wrong shuttle bus. I took the bus for DBS staff only, to City Hall! So much faster, but I’m still late for half an hour. Anyway, JY brought his gf, not too bad, quite sweet, and she bites! Then DLSL continued the wedding conversation with CC. Bee and Boon there also. I got a Piglet soft toy as my exchange gift (from CC)!

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