"Brunchner" – A New Word

I learnt a new word today – brunchner. It means breakfast + lunch + dinner. I woke up at about 9am today, slept for 6 hours, which seems rather alright. At least till now, I don’t feel that tired. Uncle BY woke up early too but Uncle YB slept throughout till 3pm+. Well, that’s where brunchner came about.

I made 3 pairs of earrings today. Good job! Rather proud with the outcome. Wish I can really sell all those earrings. From my past experience, it ain’t easy to sell those earrings. It seems a little saturated now. Sell at high price, regardless of the cost price? I’ve got total 5 pairs of earrings now, all slightly different. But my camera here is a little too lousy. Couldn’t really take the photos clearly, so… I couldn’t post it online. Sigh… Maybe I’ll try again. Tomorrow morning. The beads are out…

Darling went to sleep already. Don’t know why but he doesn’t seem that happy. If only I can hug him now, at least… I’m there for him. And hopefully tomorrow when he’s back at work, he’s able to apply for the leave for next week, so that he can come to Taichung to accompany me. Miss him lots…

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