Buy a Car? Increasing GST…

How? $500 a month for the expenses of a car. What happens if the GST comes? Will the price be affected? Let’s see… $20,000 x 2% = $400. Hmm… Maybe it isn’t that much of a difference. Should wait till the price drop? Should I? Went Charles & Keith warehouse sale this morning. It was a long queue. But when we were inside, I realized there isn’t a lot of things to buy. But you will start to wonder… How come those people can buy one basket full of heels? I only bought one small bag *Weird* After that went to the furniture shop and bought a rocking chair for my dad, for Fathers’ Day, from me and my sister. Then we went to eat Fish n Co for lunch at AMK hub. Terrible. It was so crowded! And I’m so sleepy. Bought a pair of heels. Oh… its another day where I never do anything at all except spending money. Tomorrow WZ going to register for his course. International Business and Management. He better study hard. And Leon too…

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