California Fitness

Tired tired tired… Today the experience boost will start. We woke up and prepared ourselves, occupying that spot still. I went for dental check-up after that. To clean my teeth. Painful like hell… Then we went AMK Hub to get WZ’s new SIM card. And then the pain starts… I was grabbed by WZ to go California Fitness. This lady, named Hidayah, told Skyes that he was being chosen to try out the facilities. So he grabbed me. And… I had to run like a hamster… Anyway… The facilities wasn’t very bad but… after talking to Jeff about it, apparently we can get a much better deal… We spent the whole night at KC’s house eating steamboat and after that, they all playing Mortal Kombat. It was… BLOODY… But well, they seems happy. ^^ And we are celebrating CL’s birthday!

P/S: WZ came to my house and overnight that day! ^^ *Oops*

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