Cannot Say I Want To Jog

Its raining again, in the morning! I seriously can’t say that I want to jog. For years, it had been like that. Once I said I’m going to jog in the morning, it will rain. Oh yes! I finished a necklace! Finally! Today is Sylvia’s last day at work. *SAD*

Back from lunch, ate porridge at Havelock Road. Just now D’ling called to ask if I can record TV programmes… Yes… He and his… “Ya Liao Jie”, and my “Dream of Colours”! Anyway… I think nowadays… hardly anyone records anymore… Nadi asked me when I’m getting married… How to reply? I do like to get married, but at the same time, I’m kinda scare… Don’t know why… Maybe if its the right guy, I wouldn’t? Salsa, Crafts, Japanese Language… When will I have the time to do all these? There’s one lady who passed away ‘cos too stress. Scary…

I think I’m getting sick… soon…

Went to watch Spiderman 3. Alright only, isn’t very nice. 2.5 hours movie. After that, it was already 10pm, so WZ sent me home, by MRT. It was a little weird yesterday. At least I feel so. Or maybe its just that I’m too tired and having headaches…

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