Can’t Breathe…

Can’t really seem to breathe early in the morning. Yesterday all my deployment cock-up. Then I still slept late because WZ seems so happy about the interview. Well, if thats what he wanted, then I’ll support him! ^^ But I still can’t breathe properly… Don’t think so much… *pat pat myself*

Really feel so tired… The chest still seems to be rather tight. I think I stressed myself too much. There’s a new BTO, Punggol Spring, the area just beside Damai Grove, slightly further away from the LRT but then… it wasn’t too bad. 400+ units. Should we try? I don’t really mind though… I miss my Darling… I really hope to go Genting soon. Can’t take it already…

Darling haven’t receive any reply from the SIA yet. I hope that lady replys… if not Darling will be really devastated. He waited for this chance for a very long time. But now, it’s not at the right time, especially when he’s supposed to be going to Genting with us! Which was planned long ago! Sigh… God is playing… So many things to do…

Can’t really focus on the things that I need to do @ 2.35pm.

Sigh… Had intended to go home on the dot and packed my things. But in the end, because of the deployment, I had to guy Rain to ensure that everything is smooth. Well, took a cab back, cost $16 in total. Asked my sister to bring the money down for me. ^^ Then at night did the migration until 1am before I go to sleep. Luckily there ain’t any big issues. *PHEW*

Hmm… I didn’t know that my Darling got slight colour blind till today… O.O”’

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