Can’t Sleep *YAWN*

Its already 10.30am but I woke up a few times before that and in the end, around 7.30am, thats it. I’m fully awake but feeling very tired. I tried doing my work using remote access but its damn bloody slow… So I gave up. Now transferring the songs back to my HDD. Downloading a Taiwan drama by Mike He and Rainie Yang – Why Why Love. Hmm… What was I thinking recently? Yesterday chatted with CC, realized she took her Japanese Language till JLPT 3 already! Gosh! I’m so lagged behind! Think I’m really so not hardworking enough. Don’t understand why people can study and get so good results, don’t earn a lot but yet can save so much! Sigh… Its me right? Yes, I think its me… Sadly… I kept saying that I’ll try but its never good enough. Sadly…

Cannot go Zhu Zhu’s house ah! Went to his house, in the end dragged for a while before going out. Wanted to go Kinokuniya to buy some Japanese Language books BUT… the branch at Liang Court is under renovation. =.=”’ And the McDonald over there was packed. So we went on to Chinatown Point McDonald, thinking that there might be place to study… But… We were wrong again. And so was the one at Lucky Chinatown. We ended up at the Burger King at the building… Not sure what’s the name of the building, but its the one with a lot of “Se Peh Peh” watching those R-ated movies… *DISGUSTED*

Well, time passes and we managed to went off for dinner. CZ came to meet us. Leon came to pick us up. We had the steamboat for dinner again. K wanted to eat that. WZ came to my house to overnight. ^^ Nice nice…

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