“My Wish is to Become a Smartphone”

It’s little milkie’s first day of school! And I’m currently at home, waiting for the time to fetch little milkie from school.

How’s things so far? Well, the morning was relatively smooth, with little milo not insisting on his YouTube watching (we forgot to hide the remote control yesterday night). But will probably have to adjust on the timing again as sending little milo to school first might cause his sister to be late for school.

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Breastfeeding – 6 Months Milestone HIT!

I admit, I did have second thoughts of continuing to breastfeed little milo but I’m glad that I did not and persevere on! And now that I’d pumped for the past 6 months, I FEEL SO SATISFIED!! Especially when my little milo is such a chubby little cutie!

Indeed, it had been a long and arduous journey, with me waking up at the wee hours during the earlier months, and pumping every 3 hours. Now that I’m mostly pumping 4 times a day, it definitely gave me more rest time. But that doesn’t make it much easier for I usually only get to sleep around midnight, and then subsequently waking up at 6am to ensure that I’m not too late for work.

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Pregnancy – Post-Pregnancy Brain

If you think that you are getting oh so forgetful while you are pregnant, wait for a while and observe after you had given birth. I have to admit, really, that the brain will somehow deteriorate after the birth of the baby. The first born is bad, it will be worse for the second, at least that’s what I think after spending hours cracking my brain, trying to recall if I deposited little milkie’s CNY ang bao money into her bank account already or not.

It’s definitely frustrating, as I searched high and low for it hours ago to no avail. And I thought I kept seeing it since I’d put at some place that’s quite prominent. I don’t remember putting those money into her account but yet I ain’t sure. And somehow, that pea brain of mine can’t seem to recall anything, if there’s any at all. It simply don’t move. Sigh…

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Breastfeeding – All the Abbreviation

Alright. I’m on it. I’m on it. Can’t you see I’m trying to catch up with my blog (lots of drafts – half written – in the list) as well as catching with my sleep!

It’s been 6 weeks pp since I gave birth to my LO and my world is still spinning and moving in random mode. But thankfully and hopefully it will stabilize soon so that I can start to do what I planned previously. I’ve been saying that very frequently and like what Ellen mentioned, let’s discuss about ‘procrastination’ and then the next she said, ‘maybe we will wait for another day’.

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Pregnancy – Dance to the Music

When you are so freaking burn off at work, you start to do weird things…

Well, it’s really nothing much. I was listening to some Christmas songs with my headphones and I thought, hmm… maybe my little milo would love to listen to some music. And so I did. I placed my headphones on my tummy (the volume isn’t really that loud, at 50% only) and within seconds, he started kicking and punching! It’s nice to think that he loves it and is dancing to the music! (OF COURSE there’s also a possibility that he’s telling me that I’m disturbing his sleep)

Anyhow, when you read on articles, it often mentioned that babies can actually hear noises when they are in the womb. The sound might not be very clear but they can still hear it. So I guess that’s where those “tai jiao” come from (education before birth). Thus, there’s always those readings and singing to the babies even though they are not born yet!

Believe it or not, but I will still try and do it for this second baby, as much as I can. Enjoy! *…frosty the snow man,…*

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Pregnancy – Flutters & More Flutters

It began somewhat like 2 days ago, when the frequency of the flutters started to increase, and the feeling getting more and more prominent. Is my baby getting stronger by the day? I guess it’s about time.

I’m currently in Week 18 through my pregnancy. And it’s around then that the butterfly flutters that you felt in your tummy area, the amazing feeling (which the men can never understand) that kept you wondering if it’s the baby inside you that’s moving, will get stronger and stronger each day. And soon, those flutters will become light punches and kicks, and eventually heavy punches and kicks that will kept you smiling throughout the day.

Yes, it might be annoying at times as it can keep you up all night, but its a sign that you won’t want to miss. Why? For a simple fact that you don’t have to wonder anymore how your baby is doing inside, unlike the first trimester where there’s totally no sign nor symptom (unless you want to consider morning sickness as one) at all.

Be patient, the flutters will come soon, especially if it’s your first child. Apparently it seems like first time mommies don’t experience as early as those who gave birth before. But I think it’s just a matter of knowing it because one has experienced it.

Enjoy the pregnancy!


My mum said that I seem to enjoy getting pregnant. I probably really do, especially during the process. Indeed, it really is an amazing feeling.

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Education – Imagination Teaches Creativity

“Let your imagination run wild.”

That was what my Primary 5 English teacher told me 23 years ago, which I have never forget. I didn’t understand what he wanted to convey then, and I can never really let my imagination run wild in class, other than to all the scary thoughts.

But through the years, as I read through fictional books one after another, it started to dawn on me that the imagination is limitless. And it’s amazing. From fantasy, to science fiction, to fairytales, to vampires, and what not. The main thing is, you never know what it can lead you to, if you just let it run…

For a young child, never constrain their imagination. For this is how they learn at times, if you want their creativity to flourish, and in turn, probably better in problem solving and their reflex.

I’m very lucky to have a wonderful girl with crazy imagination. From creating different endings of “The Three Little Pigs”, to coming up with a name of a new monster on her own every now and then. And I’m glad that my hub didn’t crush her imagination but instead, went along with it. Probably in a while more, I will start to get her to describe her monster and get her to draw it out. After all, it sounds fun, right? Tell a story and get them to continue, that would definitely help too!


What did you see in this picture?

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Motherhood – Coping with Multiple Failures

Just heard a news earlier on, that the HCG level dropped to 35, from the friend whose wife did the implantation of the IVF process a few weeks ago. And then seconds later, the hospital called to ask his wife to stop taking the medication and let the menses start. That ends it all, for this round. This was the second time it failed. There’s 2 more reserved eggs for this cycle. I hope the next time round, it’s going to be a success.

It must have been a big disappointment, or worse, sadness, especially when it’s not the first time. Having an unsuccessful IVF is as good as having a miscarriage, and a definite known case. Furthermore, couples who went through the whole process of IVF are those who really, really (probably even desperately) wanted a child. For most of them, one is good enough, and it’s a grace sent from Heaven.

But perk up. Keep on trying. Don’t give up. You need to be positive and relax for a foetus to want to feel safe and carry on growing. And there’s so many positive cases around the world! A friend of mine said his friend became a dad only at age 47, after trying for a number of times. The point is, there’s always a chance as long as the female is still having their menstrual cycle. There’s so many other tips and tricks too. Just try it all, and you’ll never know when you might just conceive!

For the hubby, be there for your wife. As much as it’s a great disappointment for you, it’s even greater for the “mother”.

A tip from a mother who went through a successful IVF before – Rest and lie on bed as much as possible right after the implantation. Do not walk around even in your own house. Put a pillow under the buttock so that it’s elevated. Rest and rest, and rest. The fertilized egg cannot implant itself if there’s too much movement.

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