Movie – Avengers: Endgame

That was the moment that I’ve been waiting since morning. To watch the final movie of this big franchise that I’ve followed since n-years ago. And now that the 3 hours had gone, excitement disappeared and is replaced by a sense of loss.

Is this really the end of the ‘game’?

Let’s recap. In the last movie, the Infinity War, Thanos snapped a finger and half of the Universes’ population disappeared.


The movie started with what was seen in part of the trailer, where is shows Hawkeye teaching his daughter to use the bow and arrow. That was before the ‘snap’. I supposed you know what happens next.

The movie then began really slowly, to show the part where Ironman recorded a message in his helmet with whatever power that was left. It was sad. There don’t seem to be any hope left but something unexpected happened. Was that the hope that everyone thinks it is?


Lost. Despair. Failure. They tried. They all tried but there is nothing that they can do. For a short while, I really thought that was the end though it’s definitely not possible because we are only 30 minutes into the movie! That was when one thing came after another, and there was not a moment where I felt that I can missed it to go for a toilet break!

I love this movie! Even though the pace was rather slow at the front part of the movie as it tries to build up the story, and to connect the pieces up. But at the end of it, it seems like there were some kind of closure for all the characters (I can’t think of any that doesn’t yet), especially the main ones. Tad sad though…

Anyway, great movie. Biggest takeaway? Back to the future is not real!!! Can you imagine that?!! *facepalm*


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Movie – Captain Marvel

Woohoo! I’m so happy I managed to catch this movie before it went off the screen! Initially had decided not to watch this as I have no idea where this Captain Marvel came from, who seems to be so powerful. But as I definitely will be watching Avengers: Endgame, we decided to watch this so that at least we will know who this character exactly is, and I definitely don’t regret watching this!


As I never read any reviews or storyline before that, it took a while before I realised that the story in this movie happened WAY before the Avengers were created, and that was when Nick Fury still has both eyes! But well, the story started off nicely, with Captain Marvel having a bad dream (or memories), and then looking for her mentor, Yon-rogg (Jude Law!!!!), who trained her to control her abilities. Apparently it seems like our Captain Marvel lost all her memories.

Then they were sent for a rescue operation but who knows, it turns out that it was a trap! And Captain Marvel was captured! From then on, the movie brings us through a roller coaster ride with almost non-stop actions!


I’m definitely very thankful that I watch this. At least now I know where did those powers came from. And I know exactly how did Nick Fury lost one of his eyes. And now, I am ready for the Endgame!


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Shopping – Charging Cable from Minisou

Seriously, this feels like the dumbest item I’ve gotten my whole life. I would say I love the charging cable from Minisou as the colours were very nice, not too expensive and it works nicely without breaking down fast. And so far, I’ve gotten quite a few from it.

So recently, I went to buy another piece as I forgot to bring back the one in the office. And alas…


I didn’t need a very long one, so I bought the 1.2m which is suffice. But I had the shock of my life when I saw the cable. I probably should have checked but this is the first time I saw such cables for charging phones!

And now, I had to endure the fact that I bought a 0.5m cable instead of a 1.2m, as it kept pulling my phone back to the power plug. Sigh…

It’s still a nice day. It’s Tuesday today!

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Drama – The Lonely & Great God

Swept with sadness since last night after watching the final episode of the Korean Drama – The Lonely & Great God. I had resisted from watching it even though friends had strongly recommended this drama as I know that the ending somewhat wasn’t really something that I like. Nonetheless, as the TV is showing it now, and since it’s starred by Gong Yoo, I decided to continue from there…

Alas. I’m not sure if it’s a good decision though.

It has a somewhat by right good ending but yet, to me, it doesn’t feel like it. Yes, it is true that they, the male and female lead, ended up together but only 3 more lifetimes? So what happens after that? I wondered if I am the greedy one who expects it to last forever. I feel it would be nice if it’s like Edward and Bella (Twlight). Well, at least they can accompany each other for the rest of their forever but the Goblin will end up still alone after 3 lifetimes, especially when the Reaper and his sister left too. Thus I can’t help but feel sad for him. Reminds me that ‘Happiness doesn’t always last’. Sigh…

What would you do if you are in either of their shoes? Hmm… For one, I definitely ain’t brave enough to sacrifice myself to save other children. For my own, it seems like a natural thing to do though. And to stay in the place with totally nothing at all? What is he wishing for? Miracles? Though in the end, it proves to be a really good decision. And it’s amazing that his power remains. I’m just wondering how is he going to die…

A nice and interesting drama with not too bad plots. The things that makes me confused – all those memory loss created by the God after Goblin vanished to nothing – was it that the power is not strong enough such that the memories still comes back somehow? Or was it because their love was really so great and thus it overcomes the power? Why is he walking around in the place between the life and afterlife?


Anyway, it was the genre and storyline that captured my attention. Of course the main characters matter too! Romance comedy with a bit of the unusual characters instead of the typical chaebol vs poor stories.

But I doubt I will watch it again. The heart cannot take a second time. Lol :p

If there really is such thing as reincarnation (which I do somewhat believe), I must have did something wrong in my previous life and owed my lil’ hub big time. Lol.

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Food – Rise @ MBS

My ex-boss is giving us a treat today at Rise in MBS! What? I’m on a diet? Haha, yes I am but for today, I am willing to just skip my diet! I was already so excited when I heard about the place although I’ve never tried before (reviews from a colleague was good).

Anyway, we reached for lunch and it wasn’t crowded at all. We did make a reservation though just in case.


There’s a wide spread of food from Japanese, to Chinese, to local, Indians and so on. I took a walk around and was immediately caught by one of the dishes – miso cod dish. That became my main target subsequently.


Of course for sushi lovers, there isn’t anything to worry for there are quite a number of sushi to choose from, and there’s sashimi!


That was my first plate. Took 3 kids of fish, steam seabass, miso cod fish and some indian kind. Love the miso cod fish!


Their dessert corner wasn’t too bad either. But with my stomach already filled with that fish, this is the only plate I can eat. Oops.

Overall verdict from colleagues: GREAT! Oh yes! We get to have some discounts because one of them was a Sands member and apparently it’s free to join! Do look out for it! I’m definitely joining that membership and going back for the food. Make sure call to make a reservation if it’s going to be a weekend.

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Movie – Doctor Strange

We sneaked out again! This time round for Doctor Strange! What movie is this about? Honestly, I have no idea and neither does the lil’ hub. All I knew before I watched was that it’s under Marvel and the review seems not too bad, that’s about it. I don’t even know who is the main casts except that the guy’s face looks somewhat familiar, which I found out to be Benedict Cumberbatch, the guy who starred in Star Trek into the Darkness (still doesn’t ring a bell?)


Never mind!

It’s a nice movie, starting with something being stolen and weird people fighting in weird ways and then with the background of the story, showing Doctor Strange, a real doctor, operating complicated surgeries. He’s proud and confident, and so full of himself, until a tragedy happened and he couldn’t continue to be one. So he seeks for all types of treatments and finally found the Ancient one, that is where he began to open his mind… and that’s also where I stop so that I don’t spoil your movie. Oops.

Entertaining. Exciting. The lil’ hub commented that it’s a tad slow at the start but I thought it was quite good to build up the background of the story before jumping into it. There never really was any part where you get bored after that. Graphics were quite nice too. There’s probably only one thing which I don’t quite like. The monster. It looks a little too cartoon for me. Otherwise, thumbs up for this movie! I will give it a 4.5 for such an entertaining one.

Am also looking forward to the sequel, with the rest of the gang! Which gang? Well, stay after the credits then ^^

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Food – Cafe & Meal MUJI @ Paragon

Recommended by my cousin – Cafe & Meal @ Muji. We were collecting the halloween donuts and thus happened to be around.

Located in Orchard Paragon, level 4, at a corner of MUJI, is where the small cafe is. It is a self-ordered cafe which reminded me of IKEA. There isn’t a wide range of food. Basically it seems like the chinese vegetable rice where you can choose between the dishes except that over here, it has been categorized into hot and cold.


I chose the deli 4, which cost around $17 and consist of 2 hot items, 2 cold items and a dessert. On top of that I added a drink, a plate of fries and miso soup to share with little milkie.



The quantity was alright. Price is a little high for me as it seems to be just normal meat, vegetables and rice. But the ambience was good, at least I like it. And the food tasted nice too so because of that, I don’t mind going back there for some food and drinks.

So far there’s only 2 branches around. One in Paragon and the other in Raffles City. Can hop by if you want to try some Japanese food.

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Food – Saveur @ The Cathay

Fancy some French cuisine?

I’m currently here at Saveur, the branch located at level 1 of The Cathay, between Starbucks and the side entrance.

First impression of this place? It doesn’t appear to me as French cuisine as the idea of French cuisine are usually eaten in posh restaurants. The interior is more of those industrial style design but the whole place does look spacious.


There isn’t a lot of varieties of food but I supposed it’s suffice. I ordered a seabass while most of my colleagues gotten themselves a duck leg. The order took a while to come as it’s the lunch time (although I don’t see a big crowd). I think because of the distance away from the MRT station, people are not willing to walk over to this place, where the route to here are not sheltered generally. So if it rains, I guess it will be quiet. But if you want a nice quiet place to have a meal, this seems to be a rather good choice.

Anyway the food came and I was quite pleased with the portion. At least my fish wasn’t just a small little piece.


And the amazing thing is, it actually tasted good! My colleagues made the same comments except that the portion is a little too small for the guys. But for the gals, it’s more than enough!

What’s the best thing? The price. For a plate of seabass, it cost only $16.90 (excluding the service charge and GST), which is definitely quite reasonable.

Quite a nice place, I would say. But with that location, and considering the parking charges (or ERP), I would reconsider it. Nonetheless, it’s still not too bad.

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