Food – Rise @ MBS

My ex-boss is giving us a treat today at Rise in MBS! What? I’m on a diet? Haha, yes I am but for today, I am willing to just skip my diet! I was already so excited when I heard about the place although I’ve never tried before (reviews from a colleague was good).

Anyway, we reached for lunch and it wasn’t crowded at all. We did make a reservation though just in case.


There’s a wide spread of food from Japanese, to Chinese, to local, Indians and so on. I took a walk around and was immediately caught by one of the dishes – miso cod dish. That became my main target subsequently.


Of course for sushi lovers, there isn’t anything to worry for there are quite a number of sushi to choose from, and there’s sashimi!


That was my first plate. Took 3 kids of fish, steam seabass, miso cod fish and some indian kind. Love the miso cod fish!


Their dessert corner wasn’t too bad either. But with my stomach already filled with that fish, this is the only plate I can eat. Oops.

Overall verdict from colleagues: GREAT! Oh yes! We get to have some discounts because one of them was a Sands member and apparently it’s free to join! Do look out for it! I’m definitely joining that membership and going back for the food. Make sure call to make a reservation if it’s going to be a weekend.

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Food – Cafe & Meal MUJI @ Paragon

Recommended by my cousin – Cafe & Meal @ Muji. We were collecting the halloween donuts and thus happened to be around.

Located in Orchard Paragon, level 4, at a corner of MUJI, is where the small cafe is. It is a self-ordered cafe which reminded me of IKEA. There isn’t a wide range of food. Basically it seems like the chinese vegetable rice where you can choose between the dishes except that over here, it has been categorized into hot and cold.


I chose the deli 4, which cost around $17 and consist of 2 hot items, 2 cold items and a dessert. On top of that I added a drink, a plate of fries and miso soup to share with little milkie.



The quantity was alright. Price is a little high for me as it seems to be just normal meat, vegetables and rice. But the ambience was good, at least I like it. And the food tasted nice too so because of that, I don’t mind going back there for some food and drinks.

So far there’s only 2 branches around. One in Paragon and the other in Raffles City. Can hop by if you want to try some Japanese food.

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Food – Saveur @ The Cathay

Fancy some French cuisine?

I’m currently here at Saveur, the branch located at level 1 of The Cathay, between Starbucks and the side entrance.

First impression of this place? It doesn’t appear to me as French cuisine as the idea of French cuisine are usually eaten in posh restaurants. The interior is more of those industrial style design but the whole place does look spacious.


There isn’t a lot of varieties of food but I supposed it’s suffice. I ordered a seabass while most of my colleagues gotten themselves a duck leg. The order took a while to come as it’s the lunch time (although I don’t see a big crowd). I think because of the distance away from the MRT station, people are not willing to walk over to this place, where the route to here are not sheltered generally. So if it rains, I guess it will be quiet. But if you want a nice quiet place to have a meal, this seems to be a rather good choice.

Anyway the food came and I was quite pleased with the portion. At least my fish wasn’t just a small little piece.


And the amazing thing is, it actually tasted good! My colleagues made the same comments except that the portion is a little too small for the guys. But for the gals, it’s more than enough!

What’s the best thing? The price. For a plate of seabass, it cost only $16.90 (excluding the service charge and GST), which is definitely quite reasonable.

Quite a nice place, I would say. But with that location, and considering the parking charges (or ERP), I would reconsider it. Nonetheless, it’s still not too bad.

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Food – Mdm Kwan’s @ Vivocity

I’m pretty sure my body must have that it was deprived for 2 weeks for ever since I came back from Japan, I simply wants to eat and eat.

Today, I finally get to try this local food at Mdm Kwan’s, located at level 1 of Vivocity at the back (beside Brotzeit, near the Information counter). We’ve walked pass this restaurant several times but as it sells local food, the lil’ hub wasn’t very agreeable as such food caj be easily found at the hawker centres. I really wondered how did my sister manage to convince him. *feeling weird*

There were quite a lot of varieties from dishes to mains and sides with prices generally on average ranging from $11 to $18. We ordered 6 mains, a vegetable and 3 drinks and the total damage was less than $140 for 5 adults + a kid. Normal restaurant price but nice food!

You will hardly hear any praises from the lil’ hub but he was commenting that the food tasted nice. I didn’t get to take a picture of all the food that we had as I went in a tad late. So here’s 2 of them which I managed to catch, intact, because it happens to be mine and my sister’s (who were out with me to grab something).



Will I go back? You bet!

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Food – Chiak @ Mapletree Business City

First and foremost, if I don’t work around here, I probably wouldn’t want to come all the way to this area. But well, since that is not the case and my colleagues highly recommended this place, I am here.


Whatever language it is. Looking at the menu, it can be clearly seen that it is a fusion of Japanese, Taiwanese and a little on Vietnamese food. Not much to my likings but nonetheless I’ve decided to give it a try.

It was a small restaurant with quite a nice ambience. The food were all placed in trays and all they did were to scoop and put it into your bowl of noodle or rice etc.



I tried on one of their weird combination which is made up of teriyaki chicken, soba (euk), and some other ingredients. I took a set which included a drink, a chicken wing and prawn otah.


First mouth, quite alright. Second and third, still ok. But as I ate some more, it tasted a little weird with all that combination – salad kind of oil with soba… and it’s not really hot, as in it’s a little cold. The quantity isn’t too bad but somehow I don’t feel quite right that day. The prawn otah was a little too fishy. Drink was way too diluted with ice.

Verdict? I guess it really depends on individual. My colleagues love it. For myself, I will probably only give it a 6 over 10. Good if you want to try as it’s something new.

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Food – Pondok Kartika @ MBC

For a while, let’s blog on something nice and ON TIME! (oops, I know I’ve been owing too much posts)

Just got back from my lunch and abducting an aerodactyl on my way back. Today my colleagues and I tried at this relatively new Indonesian restaurant. We were a tad early and thus there wasn’t anyone else in that small restaurant other than the 4 of us. That was just slightly before 12 noon. It wasn’t until around 12.45pm before you see the place being quite filled up. Yes, the location matters. It was hidden in a corner, away from the main road. And there wasn’t any sign board put outside to capture people’s attention.


We reckoned that the menu sticked outside wasn’t really that attractive too and thus a lot of people read and turned away.

The interior was plainly decorated too but I supposed since we are not here for the ambience, it doesn’t really matters that much.

Well, so much about the location but how’s the food? For a $9.80 set lunch, which includes the food and a drink, it was quite alright for a simple restaurant price.

picsart_09-08-01-53-16The quantity was quite a fair bit. Their set lunch (two choices) is fixed based on the day of the week. I chose the sweet and sour fish, and it comes with a veg and tahu goreng. Not too bad, I would say. The 4 of us all gave a thumbs up! Of course it might not be splendid but for the price that we paid, it’s worth it.

If you are working near to the MBC (Mapletree Business City), you should hope in and try the food. Lastly, I love the chilli. Definity don’t mind going back again.


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Food – McCafe @ Hougang Mall

After a boring and moodless day, followed by a shock to realise that the voucher is expiring soon, and then running a few errands before bringing little milkie to cut her hair, and then ordering the kueh lapis and going to the supermarket for a short while, it’s time to FINALLY sit down and rest.

I’m freaking tired, if you were to ask me. The almost 2kg weight that I’m carrying everywhere with me ain’t giving me an easy job. In fact, it’s making me rather breathless nowadays.

Anyway, probably I wasn’t really noticing everytime I’m here at Hougang Mall, or that I simply forgotten, I didn’t realise that there’s a McCafe inside the McDonald’s at level 1, just at the entrance over here until my sis brought it up.



Nothing fantastic, as usual. I just like the idea of them creating different designs even for hot chocolate. It’s nice, really, and suddenly, I wonder if I want to go and learn this technique. It seems really interesting. There’s another one though, using a stenciling template. Hmm… shall KIV this in my list of things I want to try.

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Food – Poh Poh Roasted Chicken & Duck Rice @ Serangoon Garden Market & Food Centre

I know what I wanted to eat today, and I know this stall existed because the stall that I ate that day was just beside it. So without much hesitation, I went ahead to get my usual orders – roasted chicken, breast meat with added egg.

Simple. Clear. And I think I said it quite loudly.

There were 2 persons standing there, chit-chatting. One uncle and one auntie. The uncle started preparing the tray and chilli, while the auntie went in to do something else. Very quickly, the food came.


But alas… it wasn’t roasted. They gave me the white chicken. Breast meat though. I took it nonetheless and hmm… it cost me around $3.70 or $3.80. Wasn’t really sure about the change that the uncle gave me.

Anyway, I took the food and… *shake head* The chilli wasn’t nice. It’s too sweet. The rice wasn’t fragrant enough and so is the chicken. Hmm… no good.

Which unit? #01-15. No no no… and after this, I’d decided! I shall try and try out all the stalls (as long as I eat one of the food that they sell) in this hawker centre! Just for fun.

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