Movie – Avengers: Endgame

That was the moment that I’ve been waiting since morning. To watch the final movie of this big franchise that I’ve followed since n-years ago. And now that the 3 hours had gone, excitement disappeared and is replaced by a sense of loss.

Is this really the end of the ‘game’?

Let’s recap. In the last movie, the Infinity War, Thanos snapped a finger and half of the Universes’ population disappeared.


The movie started with what was seen in part of the trailer, where is shows Hawkeye teaching his daughter to use the bow and arrow. That was before the ‘snap’. I supposed you know what happens next.

The movie then began really slowly, to show the part where Ironman recorded a message in his helmet with whatever power that was left. It was sad. There don’t seem to be any hope left but something unexpected happened. Was that the hope that everyone thinks it is?


Lost. Despair. Failure. They tried. They all tried but there is nothing that they can do. For a short while, I really thought that was the end though it’s definitely not possible because we are only 30 minutes into the movie! That was when one thing came after another, and there was not a moment where I felt that I can missed it to go for a toilet break!

I love this movie! Even though the pace was rather slow at the front part of the movie as it tries to build up the story, and to connect the pieces up. But at the end of it, it seems like there were some kind of closure for all the characters (I can’t think of any that doesn’t yet), especially the main ones. Tad sad though…

Anyway, great movie. Biggest takeaway? Back to the future is not real!!! Can you imagine that?!! *facepalm*


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Movie – Captain Marvel

Woohoo! I’m so happy I managed to catch this movie before it went off the screen! Initially had decided not to watch this as I have no idea where this Captain Marvel came from, who seems to be so powerful. But as I definitely will be watching Avengers: Endgame, we decided to watch this so that at least we will know who this character exactly is, and I definitely don’t regret watching this!


As I never read any reviews or storyline before that, it took a while before I realised that the story in this movie happened WAY before the Avengers were created, and that was when Nick Fury still has both eyes! But well, the story started off nicely, with Captain Marvel having a bad dream (or memories), and then looking for her mentor, Yon-rogg (Jude Law!!!!), who trained her to control her abilities. Apparently it seems like our Captain Marvel lost all her memories.

Then they were sent for a rescue operation but who knows, it turns out that it was a trap! And Captain Marvel was captured! From then on, the movie brings us through a roller coaster ride with almost non-stop actions!


I’m definitely very thankful that I watch this. At least now I know where did those powers came from. And I know exactly how did Nick Fury lost one of his eyes. And now, I am ready for the Endgame!


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Movie – Doctor Strange

We sneaked out again! This time round for Doctor Strange! What movie is this about? Honestly, I have no idea and neither does the lil’ hub. All I knew before I watched was that it’s under Marvel and the review seems not too bad, that’s about it. I don’t even know who is the main casts except that the guy’s face looks somewhat familiar, which I found out to be Benedict Cumberbatch, the guy who starred in Star Trek into the Darkness (still doesn’t ring a bell?)


Never mind!

It’s a nice movie, starting with something being stolen and weird people fighting in weird ways and then with the background of the story, showing Doctor Strange, a real doctor, operating complicated surgeries. He’s proud and confident, and so full of himself, until a tragedy happened and he couldn’t continue to be one. So he seeks for all types of treatments and finally found the Ancient one, that is where he began to open his mind… and that’s also where I stop so that I don’t spoil your movie. Oops.

Entertaining. Exciting. The lil’ hub commented that it’s a tad slow at the start but I thought it was quite good to build up the background of the story before jumping into it. There never really was any part where you get bored after that. Graphics were quite nice too. There’s probably only one thing which I don’t quite like. The monster. It looks a little too cartoon for me. Otherwise, thumbs up for this movie! I will give it a 4.5 for such an entertaining one.

Am also looking forward to the sequel, with the rest of the gang! Which gang? Well, stay after the credits then ^^

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Movie – X-Men: Apocalypse

Woohoo!! Nice movie! At least it is for me considering the fact that I had a relatively disappointing and interrupted Civil War a few weeks back. At least for this, its a totally undisturbed 145 minutes of enjoyment time with the lil’ hub. The best thing is, I’m watching it not when it’s almost going off screen! Oh well, I’m easily satisfied. *LOL*

So yes, the movie. One that I have waited for around 2 years. Basically if you can recall, the last one that they had showed clips of what will happen. I didn’t read those comics so I ain’t sure who Apocalypse was. And initially, before I watched this movie, I had this impression that he was an alien who came from outer space in this era. Turns out, he is not!

Then there were all the parts where it shows how the batch of X-Men (Scotts, Jean, Storm etc.) came about.

And of course, I shall not review too much since its only out yesterday. But all in all, I am quite happy with the plot for it links up a lot to the past X-men movies and answered some of my questions, e.g. how did Professor X become bald?

It also makes me wonder about the origin of human beings. After all, it is still quite a mystery on how pyramids are being built. And I’ve been wondering why does the pharaohs and what not always seems to be bigger. What’s with those masks too? Is it… hmmm…


Well, definitely a great movie to catch this weekends! I’ll give at least a 4 out of 5 stars for the plot and the graphics! And the hardly see much advertisements! (And yes, I am still very very sore about the last Transformers movie)

Hmmm… feels like watching the whole X-men movies now, in sequence (from how it started). Anyhow, enjoy then! ^^

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Movie – Into the Storm

Storms. Hurricanes. Cyclones. Tornadoes. Typhoons. Twister. Do you know the difference?

Honestly, I can’t, especially with tornadoes, cyclones and hurricanes. A search on the google somehow gave me the impression that they are all the same, except where it started. It’s like, a different word use for different country.

Anyway, though I live in this sunny relatively free of natural disaster (for now) island, I have always loved to know and read on such events. Of course, not the number of deaths that accompanied it with, but how the phenomena came about. Nonetheless I’m glad that I don’t have to live with it nor experience it much (so far there’s only a quite bad typhoon and earthquake in Taiwan).

So here I am, eager to watch this movie and wondering if it would be any better than the old old movie “Twister”. But my expectation wasn’t as high as firstly, the cast aren’t as famous and secondly, the theater was relatively empty (only a quarter filled).

Anyway, since we are here, we can’t possibly walk out so let’s start. The movie started with a group of high school kids who were sitting in the car. And I have no idea why they were stopping in the middle of the road (probably because there was a heavy rain). Then somehow in the dark, the overhead power cables start to give off sparks as if something struck it. So a stupid kid (maybe a little tipsy) decided to go down and film it down or see it, and then after a while, they all realised that there’s actually a small tornado and so they tried to drive and flee but alas, it was too late. They got caught in the tornado and BOOM!

Then it shows the next day where there’s a group of storm chasers and the leader was complaining about how they didn’t manage to capture any of it thanks to the lady who is supposed to be an expert in predicting the location. And then subsequently on this kid having an argument with his dad who was a vice principal of a school, which will be holding a graduation ceremony. There’s also a group of “dare devils” who does stupid things.

Anyway, back to the storm chasers. The lady then decided to go to location A whereas the leader said location B, but in the end the tornado ended up at B. The leader was furious and started flaring at her. But suddenly, there was a heavy downpour of hail and they realised that the tornado is heading their way, and it’s going to be big. And so they went right beside it. But just as they were about to go into it, the tornado dissipated and in turn, went to the school! This was when the lady realised that this tornado ain’t the usual ones.

Hmm… are we really having more and more weirdly behaving storms in real? There was a scene where there’s 5 different tornadoes around the same area. Did that really happen or was it purely just imagination?

Overall, the movie was quite alright except for a few stupid scenes. If you are looking at the effects, they sure were quite good. Storyline was more or less expected. Don’t mind watching again on TV.

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Movie – Haywire

Erm… what can I say? As the name of the movie implies, it’s a haywire movie, literally. For almost the whole movie, I have absolutely not much idea what is it about except one girl who was injured, and while driving, she told her story to a guy who helped her knocked out or killed her colleague at the restaurant. And then the story just flip between the past and the present. Seriously, what’s up with all these movies? Is it that popular to switch back and forth? *recalling on Duplicity which I watched last night*

Anyway, Gina Carano starred as Mallory Kane, who is the main lead. So at the last, she was sitting in a cafe waiting for Aaron (starring Channing Tatum). But shortly after he reached and had a short conversation, he started attacking her. And after some help from the people nearby, she managed to knock him out (or kill him). I have no idea which is which for there wasn’t much being said before she fled the place with another guy whom help her earlier on. So they took his car and started driving. That’s where she began to “tell” her story to the guy. And apparently she was being set up…

So how’s the movie? Slooooooooow… I would say that there wasn’t much action. WORST of all, hardly much conversations! It’s like the director or producer tries to be artistic but it ended up sucky! *LOL*

Unless you are extremely bored with lots of free time on your hand, don’t bother watching it.

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Movie – Duplicity

I’m really amazed at how I can managed to stay up till almost 3am just to watch a movie like that, especially in this stage. I’m even more amazed when I don’t feel sleepy at all after that!

So I supposed it’s because today is the National Day and thus Mediacorp decided to spare the viewers the pain of watching stupid and illogical movies during this time of the hour, and decided to show this Universal Studio movie, “Duplicity” after an exciting journey into the space on “Prometheus”.

I was excited of course, to know that I’ll be watching a movie that I hasn’t seen before, and furthermore, starring Julia Roberts as Claire Stenwick and Clive Owen as Ray Koval. It was a little complicated, like what the lil’ hub had commented throughout the movie. I would admit it was a little confusing as it kept showing back what happened a few years, months, days back. So it’s like to and fro, to and fro. And if you missed a part for a while, there’s a high possibility that you’d be lost.

So it started with Claire meeting Ray at a party, and they hitting onto each other, which ended up on a bed scene. Not the typical bed scene though. It only shows Ray sleeping like a log, and then Claire pouring some drinks off the basin, followed by her tearing some secretive document off under the bed and that’s it, she left. And the next scene simply shows the current and he saw her in a shopping mall and went up to her, with her denying that she knew him. Then after some arguments, Claire realised that he was the contact person. And as much as she didn’t want to work with him, she didn’t have much choice when he threatened her. So apparently Claire was employed by Company A to be a spy in Company B, of which both companies are selling items and are always fighting against each other.

But the plot ain’t as simple as that. As the story unfolds, you realise that there is a conspiracy under another one. And then another, and another, and another…

Confusing but interesting. A tad slow as it’s not an action movie but one with suspension, and a bit of comedy + romance. Be very patient, I would say, if you intend to watch this movie. Definitely not a good one to watch at such hours. Like I mentioned, I was really amazed that I could stay up to watch a action-less movie. But I definitely didn’t regret it. Not exactly the best, but rather nice one to watch

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Movie – Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Wow, indeed, definitely confirmed that it’s better than the movie that I’d watched most recently in the cinemas, that is, the Transformers (Age of Extinction) although there isn’t any very famous casts that I knew of, other than the ape, Caesar. And I’ve been wondering if that is a human in an ape costume or was it all animated? Hmm… not really very interested to google about it.

Let’s have a short recap of the Part 1. An intelligent ape, called Caesar, was raised by a human. Everything went well till Caesar attacked a neighbour and was caught and locked. It got pissed and started a revolution, which ended with him fleeing a bunch of apes, and then some kind of virus spreading to a pilot. And so this movie continued and started off with a series of news reports showing that the virus was spread across the whole world, and that humanity is dying out. Then the screen turns to Caesar and its group of families hunting dears. It was then shown that Caesar’s son and friend came across a guy (he came with a group of people), who in a state of panic, wounded the friend. Then the apes all came.

Apparently the humans are running out of electricity, and they needed to turn on the hydroelectric power at the ape’s area. So the main lead, Malcolm (starring Jason Clarke) decided to take a gamble and go back to (hopefully) convince Caesar on allowing them to fix the dam. Well, things turn out well until an ape, Koba, who was one of the right hand apes of Caesar, betrayed him…

Interesting movie with quite a bit of action. Was expecting the humans to strike first but who knows… Hmm… a tad sad for Caesar towards the ending, for it wasn’t what he had wanted. And I’m pretty sure there will be a Part 3 coming up a few years later.

4 out of 5 stars or popcorns, if you want a rating ^^

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