Cold Shower

I woke up at 6am… Couldn’t sleep… The air was cooling. Today is a Saturday but it seems like weekday to me. I took a shower. The water was extremely cold. Every cells in my body were woken up. Good…

I’m back in the office… Zhu Zhu will come and pick me up at around 4pm. I missed him so much… Seems like days since I last saw him… Even then… I don’t remember hugging him for a long time…

Tired… Frustrated… I hate it when people started something and then after that, they are being dragged away… and now, when there’s problems, I need to go search for the reason why, and if… anything else will be affected.

Finally finished editing. I’m really so tired. Gotten Zhu Zhu to come and fetch me at my work place. I left at around 3pm+. The workers will cementing the steps… and I had to jumped down for Zhu Zhu to catch me. Scary… Went to meet K & G at Bishan for dinner at Cafe Cartel (Leon treated us) and then The Golden Compass. Terrible… Wasn’t that fantastic. What’s worse, there’s a PART TWO! =.=”’ Went home after that. I was so extremely tired…

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