Cup F? G? H?? O.O”’

Woke up and ate our breakfast. As usual, the mum bought for each of us, a packet of fishball noodle. Then there’s the zhui kuey and duck… We are going to the Balestier temple today! Oh well, I wasn’t that keen but I don’t mind following. Skyes kept saying that he should buy a car again. We took a cab there, which was a better choice since there’s 3 of us BUT the wrong cab. At the moment we board the cab and told him that we are going to the temple, he started talking and asked us if we going to the temple to eat the free food! =.=”’ I was rather pissed with the way he talks but apparently WZ’s mum was so pissed that she shot him back. And gross… his hair seems so untidy… Well, I was so glad that the journey wasn’t very long.

They started praying while I sat at the side and waited. It didn’t take very long before they finished and WZ and me went off on our own while his mum went home. We went to AMK Mos Burger to study for a while but seriously, my mood ain’t that good recently… I get frustrated very easily. Not really sure why though…

We went back to my house around 3pm and he took a nap while I just loiter around and prepared to go for QL and RY’s Wedding… Sigh… Talking about weddings… Yes, its wedding AGAIN… And this time, I don’t even know who’s going! NN can’t make it because her grandma passed away like a month ago. Then I thought Clara will be going but who knows! When I’m near Orchard, then I SMS her, and realized that she’s not going! Sigh… I pondered for quite a long while before deciding to go and leave early. Indeed… I know nobody over there… Hilton Hotel, the food ain’t that good, service still not too bad. Their photos weren’t that nice and… Hmm… her dress seems like it will explode anytime! Her in-front were already BIG from what I know, but at MOST cup D… but tonight… it seems like cup G!!! A bit gross though… especially the kissing part… Damn…

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