Deepavali… In SG…

Felt a sudden wave of sadness. It’s 10.25pm. The day is ending soon. Tomorrow, it’s Tuesday, and then Wednesday will come… and on Thursday, I’m going back to TW again… The place where I’m stationed, the place where I’m working… now… I don’t know what to say. In a way it’s good. I’m exposed to a lot of things, learned a little bit more to be independent, and best of all, I get to save (the earning is more than the spending). But… I made a really big sacrifice. I can’t be with my loved ones everyday… They are playing MJ now – mum, sis, Zhu Zhu and godmum. Simple, but yet it felt so nice. Although I’m alone in the room now, I don’t feel the loneliness. In fact, I felt so warmth. With all my cute bear bears all over my bed caused by my little naughty Darling, and the messy room that I had, the room that I’ve been staying ever since 22. The house that I live since 7 years old. I’ll miss this place when I’m back in TW… Taiwan… It’s okay right?… I’ll soon be back in SG…

OKAY! Let’s think of some happy thoughts! We woke up really early today and went for the OG warehouse sale. Zhu never went with us because he said it’s too boring over there. Anyway, managed to buy 10 pieces of clothes for only $88.50! There’s a 50% discount, which we thought was only 20% (the usual)! Too bad we didn’t go and buy some more because we fear that it’s the old auntie who said wrongly.

Anyway, after that we went to Hougang Mall – Ichiban for lunch and then the MJ started. Almost for the whole day. But… it really felt nice. I’m going to Zhu Zhu’s house later. Tomorrow… will have to work again. Somehow… I really hope that I can earn more money and retire early.

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