Devastated last night

last night, i suddenly thought i couldn’t breathe after i deleted the photos in my SD card in the camera and realised that the photos (apparently got some error) and were not downloaded to the PC. luckily managed to retrieve all the photos after spending hours searching for programs to try and retrieve the images.

well.. that was a close shave..
and today… came to the office and one of my colleagues told me, yet again something which i wasn’t suppose to let anyone know about it. her mum is suspected (90%) of having cancer.. gosh.. what do you expect me to say?
well… of course i did console her but honestly… it ain’t that easy to accept the fact like what i told her…

sigh.. thats life i guess…
so.. treasure every moments ne!!!
tell those whom you love, that you love them. or at least…
show it to them. kekekek
well… i love my dad, my mum, my sis of course and my dear, my goddad & godma, and my closest cousin dw.
can’t live without them…

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