End of Rendevous

Back from chalet! So tired! But I can’t sleep again. Now uploading photos to friendster! So many things to do!!!

Eating ice-cream with bread now. Hungry… Just now had nasi lemak at about 5pm. Packed my luggage already. Left some items to be pack later. Just called WZ ten minutes ago, and he was practically shouting at the mum… O.O”’ His temper really isn’t too good but he never flare up on me (he better not). Nonetheless, I still finds it a bit outrageous to scold the mum like that, even though she blur blur go and switch off the game you are playing half way without saving. Now he’s bathing. Hopefully later he would have cooled down. *Shake head* Ice-cream is nice…

Slept at 12am…

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