Facial @ Body Wellness

Tonight going for facial at Body Wellness at Stamford Court. Wondering how it will be like… My Citibank CC bills not here yet. Yesterday had a meeting and BY was saying that our technology will change but… I don’t seem to be really that interested anymore. Now I’m thinking more of the company website. There’s the 3 of us… Maybe I need to start planning that. 3 of us… and all of us are so busy with our work. I need to come up with the designs, then after that let WT see first? Before executing it? That would be a better plan, in case he don’t like it, then want to change, then we die…

Actually after jogging yesterday, though its not a very long distance but I do felt a lot fresher today. Maybe I really should start exercising with WZ. Tennis? Hmm… I’m afraid I can’t play… How? ‘Cos my arms really quite weak one… 10.50am. I’m supposed to be doing some test, but the meeting room is occupied. Just now BY asked me and EZ to be the administrator for some Wiki and EZ rejected. I don’t mind taking it though. Sometimes… I don’t wish to give up so fast. After all, the salary here ain’t THAT bad. Wrong, rephrased. The salary is just alright the bonus is quite good. How? Difficult decision…

Maybe… I don’t really know what I want to do. Working? Its just to pay off my debts. I looked at my friends. Some working as per normal. Some working so much harder than the rest, fighting to be at the top. Some got married and doing things that they like. What do I want to do?

My Zhu Zhu is so sweet!! He just called me to give me kisses!! And I’m so pissed with all the work! Especially the website one… Is it really that difficult to squeeze out half an hour? Chat a bit lesser, eat a bit faster, surf web a little lesser, I think can finish a lot faster… =.=”’

OH NO!!! I just signed up a package for $6.7k!!!! *faintz* Why??? Must be a bit too dreamy already. Yes… Though its by instalment plans but still!!! *faintz*… So now I’ve got 110 times of normal facial and 20 times of diamond-kind of facial… *faintz* Imagine if I go for facial only once a month… I probably can use it for 10 years… O.O”’ Eat grass… Eat grass…

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