First UNeed Biz…

Today I’m going to meet NN… Weird… Yesterday she never call me though she said she would. Well, maybe she’s too busy. Anyway, I slept at around 10.30pm last night. Zhu did call me after that but we only chatted for a while ‘cos I’m too tired. This morning, waited around 15 minutes for HY. In the end realized he cut himself while shaving. Missed Zhu so much… So many things I want to do but no time! How? I want to go shopping with my mum but don’t seem to have any time this week. Today meeting NN, tomorrow meeting zhu as well as Sunday too… *Headache* And abnormally, I seems to be having menses since yesterday. But it seems illogical lor because I thought I just had mine like… a week ago? Is it because of the collagen?

Though I found myself a bit slightly redundant in doing this business with NN, I can’t help feeling a little excited about it. Redundant? Yes. I mean, she knows everything. The banker, the products, the procedures… Why? Why does she wants to ask me to join in? Isn’t that a bit weird somehow? Half an hour more and I’ll be off. Trying to finish off 3063 but stuck somewhere. Waiting for AR to reply now. WZ later going to Vivo with his mum to get the fridge. His fridge spoiled already. So funny, asked me for opinion, saying that next time I’ll be using. But… won’t I be getting a new fridge by then? Seems like not staying with his mum ain’t a possible solution. Hmm… I can’t imagine THAT yet.

In WZ’s house now. Well… The first business wasn’t too bad. The boss was actually very friendly. But due to the time constraint, NN will have to rush the things out asap. Hope everything goes smoothly…

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