First Working Day In 2008

I LS from 2007 till 2008… Last night I never sleep properly. Kept coughing throughout the night. Hmm… Maybe I should start to take MC? I mean… I’m really sick! This morning… I alighted at Clarke Quay MRT because my stomach starts to rumble again… Yes… LS AGAIN… Bad… What’s worse? The stupid MRT auntie is cleaning the toilet! Then I had no choice but to go up to The Central… and then… the nearest toilet is under cleaning TOO… I hadn’t had much choice ‘cos the shit was coming out, so I looked at the directory again and went to the handicap toilet… Terrible… Terrible… Terrible… It was dirty beyond words… I cleaned the toilet bowl, put toilet paper on the seat before I finally let it out… Terrible…

Deployment… Something came up… Messed up everything…

Took a cab and rushed to Joni’s wedding at Meritus Mandarin. She still looks so cute. SC, DP, SL, YJ, BY, NY, and LX went. All still look the same. DP was the joker… kept disturbing the waitress, who was a local, 17 years old. No, Meritus Mandarin is out. Too many pillars. The view was blocked! Golden Horse’s dresses not too bad. I was so tired by the time DP sent us home. Drank 4 glasses. I’m already so tired… can’t write much.

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