Following The Plans

Alright, tidying up things… Finance done, schedules almost done but I was really tired. Work and work and work on the shell. I did OT till 11.30pm. Reached home and sort of argued with WZ. We had planned, a long time ago, to meet CT this coming Saturday. And firstly, he changed his working schedule with his colleague, so needs to work on Saturday. Then now, he wants to meet FK for lunch. Winner right? I was pissed… Really. Probably because I’m really tired and stressed from my work. And plus the fact that he always can’t seem to remember the plans we already planned. And its really quite paiseh to keep changing the time with CT. And honestly, I’m getting a bit uncomfortable with him talking to FK, especially after that time when he asked me to keep quiet because FK was crying… I’m not thinking logically. No, don’t have to explain to me. I know all the explanation and I don’t find that being too wrong either but I’m just sick of all these… I’m just getting a bit jealous over her. And with the fact that she just broke up with Jackson, hey, anything could happen. Not that I don’t trust WZ… Seriously… can I really still trust one person? Sometimes I really don’t wish to think already… Maybe… Just maybe… Being single will be better…

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