Food – Korean Food @ Hougang Mall Foodcourt

I know I’m not supposed to eat this, after all, it’s no different from instant noodles cooked at home except that for now, firstly, it’s cooked by others, secondly, it costs more and thirdly, there’s a lot more other ingredients, including the kimchi and anchovies. But today, I JUST HAVE THE CRAVINGS FOR SOMETHING A LITTLE SPICY AND SOUR! And this is just TOO perfect to satisfy my cravings.

At the very least, just don’t let me mum know and I’ll save myself from some naggings.

I’m at the foodcourt having dinner with the hub. He’s been really nice, especially after we got married. Nothing much to complain other than the fact that he’s lazier, messier and dirtier than me, which I knew a long time ago. And since I knew it, I (by right), shouldn’t complain too much. Isn’t it? Otherwise, well, nothing is new.

The food, hmmm… nothing much to complain either since I’m the one asking for it. The soup tasted EXACTLY the same as the instant noodles, except right now, there’s some chickens and vegetables. Even those chopped carrots and spring onions seem to be from the seasoning of the instant noodle. Sometimes I wonder if they really DID open a packet of korean instant noodle to cook it.

Anyway, as I mentioned, it comes with a small plate of kimchi and anchovies too. The kimchi still tasted quite alright but the anchovies are too fishy for me (so I threw it to the hub). That’s about it.

Normal foodcourt pricing. Definitely a busy foodcourt especially now that the Chinese New Year is coming, and everyone is rushing to get their CNY clothes. Go there while it’s still early. Definitely not after 7pm as its a lot more difficult to find seats.

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