Food – Lao Song Fa Fishball Noodle @ Serangoon Garden Market & Food Centre

I wasn’t sure what I want to eat, so it took me quite a while to look around to see what is available. It was a cold day with the rain stopping only a while ago, and with the fan blowing right at our seat, I decided to choose those food that are hot and soupy. And then the awards and posters, and what not caught my eyes.

I wondered… is it really that nice? If it is, as what those TV programs etc. had mentioned, then why isn’t there much queue? Lao Song Fa… (#01-14)

Anyhow, since I didn’t have anything in mind in particular that I wanted to eat, I decided to give it a try. The “Xiao Wan Mian”, where there’s a bowl of soup with all the balls and vegetables, and then another bowl of noodle put separately. $4 for that. Was a normal price for such.


And then, it was the time for the try-out. Hmm… I have no idea where is the attractive point. I did find something not to my liking though. The small bowl (as what the name means) of noodles is really a bit small. And that it was a little starchier. The sauce wasn’t exactly that nice too, I think that’s because some ketchup or sweet sauce was added, which makes it a little too sweet.

Original Botanical Garden Famous Fish Ball Noodle. What would make people consider this as nice? The soup and fishball was alright though. But it’s as normal as I can find. And then I wondered… are those TV shows for real? On all the nice food etc. or are they really paid, as what some rumours had said?

I… probably won’t eat it again.

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