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I was damn hungry just now, after missing my lunch because of a baking session with my girlfriend, which I had planned it way too late. But luckily the oven never exploded this time. Though I’m not sure what happened, because half of the cupcakes got burnt instead even when we set it to only 15 minutes (originally it’s 20 minutes). Now that I think of it… did I forget to set the temperature of the heater correctly…? OOPS! Anyway, we (me and the reluctant girlfriend who got dragged together) rushed out for a talk immediately after that, which I agreed, to accompany this friend of mine after her long persuasion.

Seriously, I have no idea what it is until I reached there. I swear, this will be the last time I ever want to go for this kind of talk. It’s an introduction to a course which teaches you how you can create new realms and have a whole new point of view by implementing a transformational method that they will teach. For that 2-3 hours talk, the lady talked about her experiences that she had and how that course actually changed a lot of things for her. And then there’s also the rest who came out to share their experiences. Not that I’m skeptical about this kind of course but I really am not interested. And I hate it when they did “hard selling”. It’s like, when I said I’m not interested, it means, I’m really not interested so stop pushing me! Moreover, it was around 5pm already and I haven’t had my lunch yet! I had to repeat to the ladies (there’s a few of them who took turns to talk to us) that I can’t think of anything except FOOD at that point, and the worst thing is, they somewhat ignored me and continued to talk… *faint*

Well, we managed to ‘escape’ and dashed for the Lau Par Sat where I FINALLY had my lunch – You Mian. Then we headed for the lobby cafe at Pan Pacific Hotel.

It was quite a nice environment with nice cosy sofas. We each took a seat and almost fell asleep half way through. We ordered our usual camomile tea, which comes with a piece of pandan kueh lapis instead of a cookie. As for my another friend, she ordered the grapefruit juice.

It was nice sitting there and relax. There’s also live performance by a female singer and pianist. Comparatively to the one at Furama Riverfront, I think these 2 sounds a lot better. Then we also ordered the club sandwich and chicken wings. Honestly, it’s NICE, especially for the club sandwich.

If you got time and need a place to relax, I think you can try this place out. It really isn’t too bad.

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