Food – Pasir Ris Fish Soup @ Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10

It looks alright and smells right. Definitely tasted right with that first mouth of the hot soup. I’m currently at Blk 453A Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, at the market hawker, and having this relatively yummy fish soup. Furthermore, it was raining and the weather is cold, so you can imagine how nice it was to drink a bowl of hot soup.


It was all okay until…

I took my second mouthful of fish and rice and AH! A bone went straight between by gum and teeth. Thankfully, it wasn’t those sharp ones, and though it caused some bleeding, it wasn’t really that painful. I didn’t let that dampen my mood and continue happily eating it, with a little caution. And then… I saw an insect. A black one. I took its body out and then dropped it on the bloody tissue. Gross as it is, I continued to eat since I’m only half way done. Guess what? I saw another dead insect after 10 minutes, a green one. I’m only glad that firstly, I already almost finished eating it, and secondly, I never down that into my mouth. Urgh. Is the cleanliness of grade F?


Will I go back to eat again? Erm… I think I’ll have second thoughts. Though the food tastes quite nice, the way they prepares their food sure stops me from going for more…

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