Food – Pastamania @ CPF Building

It’s a really hot afternoon. I wonder what will it be like 10 years down the road. I remembered as a teenager, while I was doing some geography related project, it was AT MOST only 31 degree celsius, and that’s like some 15 years ago. Alas. I’m melting. I supposed the ice caps are melting too, for the sea level is getting higher by the year. Some day, Singapore will be submerged. Alas. I will drown. Or hopefully, I’m dead by then.

Girlfriend asked me what do I want for lunch today, I only had one request – air-con please. We couldn’t really think of what to eat except for that rows of restaurants at the CPF Building along Robinson Road. In the end, we chose Pastamania.

It used to be a lot cheaper. I chose the Creamy Chicken (my favourite) with Penne, which cost S$8.50, and a cup of ice-cold lemon tea, which totals up to slightly below S$11.00. Of course, you can choose to add in different sets, which either comes with a drink, soup and/or garlic bread. The food came rather fast, which was probably because the restaurant was quite empty. Initially I thought the reason was due to the increase in price, and the decrease in the quality of the food. But as the clock passes 12.30pm (we were there at around 12pm), crowds started to come in. *Phew*

The food still tasted really nice (at least for mine). Though I thought the quantity wasn’t a lot, I only managed to finish half of it, so I’m not sure if it’s because of my bad appetite or the quantity was actually a lot. My girlfriend was complaining a little on the fish-i-ness of the squid. She ordered Marinana (seafood) with Spaghetti. So I guess it depends on the kind of food. Service was quite alright though.

If your stomach still got some space, remember to order their Banana Dessert Pizza! I missed that… but too full to eat anymore.

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