Food – Wan Zhai Hong Kong Tea Room @ Sembawang Shopping Centre

Faint. I’m fainting. From hunger and tiredness. I just finished a session of tennis at the Yishun Safra with my sister and friends. So… tiring… But I’m glad this time, we chose to play in the evening instead of early morning.

Anyway, we are now at the Wan Zhai Hong Kong Tea Room located in Sembawang Shopping Centre.

It has the shortest queue for some reasons and thus here we are, ordered the food and having our dinner now! Luckily we didn’t have to wait that long, or else I would have fainted.

I ordered the fried beef kway tiao and it tasted really nice, with quite a bit of beef slices. There’s also the fried tofu and vegetables which tasted as nice. Overall, it was quite a nice experience, plus the environment seems rather clean.

The only issue about this restaurant is, it’s not really that accessible unless you are driving. Though located in a shopping centre, there’s no MRT nearby and it’s definitely not near to any central area. But otherwise, this place is good to go!

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