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It’s definitely some local food for me today, as every brain cells in my head told me so. And so here it is, mee siam from the Wang Cafe at the ulu myVillage located in Serangoon Garden.

Seriously, if you ain’t someone who stays near, I doubted you’ll know that such small shopping mall existed. It’s surrounded by landed properties with only a few buses that will come in, and there’s only 4 levels with a handful of shops and not much varieties. 

Well, luckily for me, there’s still this cafe that sells mee siam. But it doesn’t go the same for my admin. According to her, it’s too watery and tasteless. According to me, it’s still edible and cost $4.20 per plate. So who to believe?

Let’s just say if you like those thick sauce, and a little heavy tasting kind, just skip this whole cafe. I doubt it’s about this branch. The sauce is really quite watery where you can literally drink it as if it’s a soup. Otherwise, if you ain’t so picky, like me, there really is no harm satisfying that cravings of yours. Alternative, pick another choice from the menu! The half-boiled egg can’t be way too wrong.

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