Fortune Telling

Damn… I woke up, not supposed to be late for work. But then… I went toilet thrice before I finally went out of the house. And shit-ti-ly… there’s traffic jams along Lornie Road! Thanks to the ERP most likely… Now… there’s so many ERPs… and everything is increasing! Really WONDER how people can save money…

Scary! Scary! IC just read my shen chen ba zhi and its 95% accurate! Wrong! Everything seems so accurate! From like I’m those quiet quiet kind of girl, don’t really talk back to people, till my work! According to her, my studies should be quite good before I’m 14, subsequently I somehow lost focus already so the results ain’t that good. But I’m suppose to be those who can study one. But apparently I’ve got too many things that I want to learn, so not focus enough. I’ve got a lot of male friends but the one I really think is the one I love, or at the point I really want to get married, is when I was only around 14 years old (Secondary 2! AA!). The next few years, my priority won’t be on marriage, it will be more on work and personal development. As for my work, I should be those who are capable of handling bigger things, compared to what I am doing now. I have a strong character and should not need to rely on anyone. I will perform when there’s a need. But the thing is, even if I know, I won’t say because I’m too quiet. In the end, nobody knows that I’m capable. But I’ve got a bad point, I may do things without any end. Because of my strong character, for the next 5 years (till 33), my temper won’t be so good. And since I don’t have to rely on anyone, I can look for a partner for companionship. My husband should be those “si wen” type and will listen to me, let me decide on things. Dote on me. And there’s a possibility that I can stay at home and don’t need to work. All through my life, my money is earned one, I don’t really have luck. But every 30 years, my luck will improve (next when I’m 44). At 2010, when I’m 30, that will be the point where I probably will really think of getting married. This year (2007), I will feel very vexed, so shall try not to make any decisions. 2008 will be better, and so is 2009. I need to save money since my wealth isn’t that good. Preferably invest all my money, else the money will somehow be gone too. Hmm… think thats all…

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