Friday I’m In Love!

Oooooh…. I’m so sleepy… Woke up at 4.30am to go and pee but couldn’t sleep after that. Then saw Bullet and Alsa around, so went to party them. But after partying, I couldn’t sleep well. Tried and dreamt of an extremely big, fat and ugly silverfish! *scary* That idiot is still KS-ing us… But never mind. Managed to doze off a little while but soon after, my alarm clock rang and I realized we got disconnected. By the time I logged in as Zelphx, that idiot was still there and he actually told me “No KS xP. I AFK.”. Stupid… Like I’ll move away when you are the one KS-ing us in the first place. After some attempts, Leon couldn’t party us because he stupidly set some CMI settings. I switched on both PC because WZ kept disconnecting. *Pray: Hopefully my mum won’t scold me when I reached home*

WZ went to the wrong place. He’s suppose to go TPY today but he went to HQ. Late for an hour. Tomorrow, will be meeting my JC friends for dinner!

Slow? You sure? The item was logged on the 12 October (Friday), assigned to me on the 15th (Monday). Then after that I need feedback and they got back to me on the 17th (Wednesday). I finished the coding on the 19th (Friday) but haven’t attached the package. Then Monday 22nd, I attached it and was waiting for it to be tested but nobody tested it! Sigh… The process… Sigh…

I’m really sleepy and suddenly I felt really… unmotivated. Its been a long long while since I’ve had that feeling. Probably its because NN asked me to go for the CITPM course. Why do I need to go? For her, she’s on her way to become a PM. I’m still a software engineer… and getting lower and lower in the hierarchy in my company. Am I that lousy? For a long time ever since I’d talked to WT. I told myself to stop thinking. Not don’t think, just that, its not the right time yet. But…

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