Genting, Here I Come!

Slept at 3am and woke up at 4am… @@ I’m a panda… Going to Genting already. Switched off my computer and went to wash up. Sis driving us there. Early in the morning, dad and mum started to pick at each other. No, its more of my mum mocking at my dad… Oh well, we reached there and boarded a double decker coach. We had the front seat. It was quite comfortable, I mean the seat, with massage functions and a TV! The TV wasn’t too bad, I mean the program. For the whole journey, I watch for a while then slept, then watch for a while then slept, and somehow, it seems quite fast and we reached Genting! Nice weather…

We got the hotel room immediately after we reached – 7010, thats the room number. Put down our things and we went to take our lunch, and then it started… SHOPPING!!! And casino… and SHOPPING! Thats the first day. I got a headache and was so tired that night, I didn’t follow them to the casino, so I slept in the hotel room…

First day – I bought 2 tops. ^^

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