Getting Started…

Alright! Back to work! Must make sure that everything goes smoothly as per planned/unplanned! Just know that YC went for lasik, $2,500. Hmm… Its not too expensive right? But not for me now. I’m… broke… *LOL* Must save a bit first before I do something else again. Will be expecting my credit card bills to go up to at least $500 a month even without me buying anything (because its for the BW package). So for now, I’ll just need to stop using my credit card. So freaking hot… Will have a lot of things to do this weekend so must really plan properly.

Okie… Its my mistake… I shouldn’t get him involved in the website thing… Sigh… Isn’t this about time management? Will one ever be THAT busy? Thats the question that I kept asking myself… Does one definitely have to do OT to finish up things? I don’t get it… I don’t understand… Probably I never will…

I’m so fully now… Sinfully ate 2 goreng pisang. Time is 5.25pm. Wanted to hold a short meeting for the company website but BY is going to have a meeting too. Damn… All the stupid timings… Saw the new HR in our office. Hmm…

Yeah! FINALLY discussed about the company website. Will proceed on! Went to watch WZ played tennis. He’s really cute!

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