Go OR Nothing

Thats the feeling I get… It’s either I go and work like slave, else I get nothing and probably will stay stagnant. That’s not how they asked me. BY first told me that being an FA, I’ll need to travel around. I’m fine with that. Then he asked if it’s possible for me to station in PHP for like 3 months. I said, if can come back from time to time, I’m still alright. But preferably about 1-2 months at most. Then WT came and asked me, “Serious? Can go?” I’m like O.o? “What?” And apparently BY just told him that I can go. Then just now, BY sms me and asked me to pre-empt my family. Yes, I did. They rather object to that idea. So am I. 6 months. No life. In a 3rd world country. With unstable politics. No holiday. No weekends. Lots of OT. Tell me, what is attractive over there? My mum only said, “If it’s really that reluctant, then leave…” I do agree…

Met CC and gang for KTV at a very sleavy place. Terrible. It’s somewhere at Peace Centre. After that, went to WZ’s house and then to Jumbo at Serangoon Garden, for his Grandma’s birthday. His cousin brought his bf, the bah-gua guy, an architect. An another apparently got married and brought her husband. Somehow… his mum told his auntie about the flat we got (which I don’t intend anyone to know)… and… sigh…

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