Going to Australia

Packed most of my things. Will be leaving from home at about 6.30pm. Taking the 9.20pm flight. Leaving work at 4pm. Just faxed over the letter to HDB. Later during lunch time, will go to the Post Office. I haven’t finished looking through the dictionary though. Ten days… will passed very fast. Hp now charging at HY’s place, can’t message Skyes… Never mind, concentrate on my work first. The office seems so empty…

Won’t be able to write in here for the next ten days. So by the time I wrote it, it’ll all be post-written. Anyway, heard from YF just now, saying that some of the people was being approached by the old people to go over there. Hm… the pay will be doubled… Why they never ask me? Must be they know I won’t be going, either that, or I really suck! *Depressed*

Leaving my home now. The time is 6.25pm. Mailed the dictionary for my darling already. As well as the HDB letter. Luggage all packed. Now… I’m going to flood Skyes’s email! *EVIL LAUGHTER*

Got onto the plane… Miss my zhu zhu already… 10 days… Anyway, watched “Open Season” on the plane. Cartoon… Don’t really like. After that, I watched “Dream Girls”. Just a movie that kept on singing and singing… watched half way and dozed off…

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