Good Job Mdm. Mum!

No no, its not my mum. I mean, of course I salute my mum because I think she’ll do the same thing. But its difficult nowadays to see parents not pampering their child. I mean, yes, probably I didn’t get to see it. But there are parents who just don’t lecture their kids even when their kids are so extremely naughty. There was this mum on the train, with 3 kids, 2 sons and 1 youngest daughter. The younger daughter, apparently was rather naughty. And when the maid gave them each a biscuit (with wrapper), the girl (named Sara), snatched it, bit into 2 then passed it to her brother. Her brother upon seeing this (who was about 5 years old), complained to the mum. Then the maid told the mum about it. And you know what the mum did? She took out the girl’s hand and hit it and then took away her biscuit. BRAVO! Of course, the little girl started wailing but the mum just ignored her, hit her one more time on her hand, grab her and went off the train. Yes, kids need to be hit if they are in the wrong. I never believed in those “no-physical-discipline” kind of method. It just doesn’t work. If they are in the wrong, hit them, let them understand. Hello!! They are still kids, as if they really understood all the theories…

So full… Ate fish soup then after that finished one whole glass of fruit juice. Too full already… Want to vomit now…

3.14pm… Its raining now. Just heard the news that NN’s grandma passed away. She’ll be on compassionate leave for 6 days. WT is pushing me and EZ… So tiring… Later at 4pm, there’s a New Generation meeting. Hmm… Wondering if someone ever read my blog… I’ll be applying for the HDB flats in December. No, not really intending to get but just trying out for fun. Since if we never get it… By the time when we really want to get, our chance should be a lot better already. ^^ Thats the strategy.

Alright, its my fault. I should have asked earlier… But I DID! Its just that… he also never tell me that he can’t do it! Sigh… Well, learn from mistakes. Hopefully HB can help to finish it by 12pm tomorrow… Hopefully. Now I need to start changing my member code… Its a long long list…

For the past 15 minutes, I’d been calling for a cab but couldn’t get one… Damn it… Waste my hp bill… Its already 10.14pm! By the time I reached Zhu Zhu’s house, I think within 10 minutes, I can go home already! Shit!

WZ just told me that he talked to his mum just now. And his mum said, “No choice since she don’t want to stay together.”… Somehow… Why I don’t feel that happy? Because I can sensed some sadness in my beloved Darling… I knew he wanted to stay with his mum so much but… now… Am I a bad person? I feel really bad… But… I just can’t bring myself to stay together from the start… The hokkien songs, operas, the cloth thats covering the sofas, the clothes/jackets/jeans hanging outside… and a shared wardrobe! And he just took off his pants and use a towel to wrap around and walks around with the mum there! Urgh… Pardon me but I’m really scare and its really difficult for me to accept it. After 2 years? I don’t mind staying together. Actually I would prefer if she slowly moves in instead of abruptly. But… now… I seemed like the bad guy… But maybe I’m really bad… But I don’t mind taking a unit in Bt Merah! Provided there’s such unit… and its not too expensive… Sigh… Why is it so difficult? I hate this decision… its not making me happy either… What can I do?

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