HAPPY 38 women DAY!!

Today is the official worldwide Happy 38 women Day! Do you know that in China, today is a public holiday for female? Good right? Anyway, ever since morning, I’d been busy till now. All deployment after deployment. Can’t even start my coding yet, till now, already 3pm, which I’m going to start. Will need to finish it by tomorrow. So most likely tonight will work a bit later, then ask Skyes to come fetch me to go to his house for dinner. So nice of him…

In the end… I did work late, till almost 9.30pm. I did 8 hours of deployment. 8 HOURS!!! Can you imagine that?? How can deployment take such a long time? I need to shorten this! 3.5 hours of development couldn’t get me anyway. But luckily, with the help of CW (‘cos by that time, my brain already dead), I managed to get one concept right. So tomorrow, I’ll have to code like hell. Anyway, BY came to talk to me after that. ‘Cos yesterday in the meeting, when WT mentioned about the company closing down, nobody had a reaction except me. I laughed. *Oops* Yes, I know its the truth. And precisely I know its the truth, thats why I find it funny, in a way. But, I think the Management is really having a hard time now. So from now on, I’ll FIGHT for SYNET! I’ll not let Synet close down just like that. Its easier with the help of a team. But when you don’t have, you can only make do with what you have. GANBATTE! As much as I concentrate on my career, I’m a bit worried about WZ. Though he said he don’t mind that I earn more than him, but somehow… I can feel something isn’t right… I really don’t mind…

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